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Today’s environment is one of heightened security concerns and it is critical that we manage access to IS systems to ensure the safety , integrity and availability of data. eSAM is centralized system to manage various IT system accesses for the organization. This is highly configurable tool where business owner can add/modify/ remove various system access and define access work-flow as per organization needs.

From the Compliance perspective, it is important that IT/IS System Access are controlled & reconciled on a regular basis. Keeping this in view,this tool will help organization to strengthen the process of Authorization for Access of various systems
eSAM is a single tool to manage IT System Access for the organization irrespective of technology or infrastructure they use. It is designed by XPages and ideal for domino based companies and they can save huge IT cost by getting optimum control for number of System Access and corresponding Licenses. HR can ensure system access for new employee from the day one and remove access on their last working day.

It can be deployed in Domino environment without any infrastructure cost and company can ensure high ROI by considering the business value provided by tool

eSAM is fully business driven tool and suitable for any kind of industry irrespective of their IT Structure. It helps organization to centralize their Access Management process and enable System Access Life Cycle Automation. It gives optimum control for system licensing and corresponding cost. It avoid process delay of creation/modification/ deletion of system Access and resulting improving the people productivity.
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