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The Prominent utilization of web based technologies and open standards are the prime solution of the next generation ERP solutions
Uniqueness of iEnterprize ERP is that solutions like e-commerce, APS, BI, and CRM solutions to add to their existing offerings apart from core business processes, such as payroll and accounting HR, manufacturing and sales
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A complete automation solution for Campus Governance to take decisions that makes the difference in running of Institutions
Campus-G is a complete automated system to handle all the information related to a campus.
The management can have a bird’s eye view of all aspects of a college at the click of a mouse while individual users have access to their respective area of operation.
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The solution built to create a balance in ensuring data is accurate and workflow levels are flexible to the needs of the organization.
deals with master data at a real time basis with the provision of being able to handle creation, modification and deletion of it
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This is completely integrated system for exit process from Resignation request to final settlement. Standard based work-flow can customize as per process.
designed to get the whole process easier and less tiring with the process usually conducted by the HR manually.
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Organizations require an authentication system to ensure a high level of security and safety methods to keep data safe and secure
It is important that IT/IS System Access are controlled & reconciled on a regular basis. This tool will help organization to strengthen the process of Authorization for Access of various systems
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ERP integrity

Manages the changes in application and transport movements in ERP from project landscape to maintenance landscape with clear cut workflow
Re-Implementing an ERP system will mean change that needs to be managed to ensure that the users and people affected by the change are engaged and accept the change in a positive manner.
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