Application Development

Biztime’s Application Development approach believes in working closely with the client from day one. This approach leverages our engineering team to build applications to meet customer’s changing business requirements. We deliver quality, flexible applications that are easy to maintain, modular to facilitate enhancements, and are reliable, secure and easy to deploy.
Innovative approach, engagements and delivery models, help our customers to adapt the latest trends. Our service offerings, as mentioned below, are targeted towards the principle outcomes of higher end-user productivity, and rapid adoption with a primary focus to help customer’s on the ROI.
At Biztime we give equal importance on User Experience (UX) to build applications that ensure three key design rules – easy to use, useful, and engaging. Our dedicated UX professionals are focused on delivering the quality UX design services to our clients.
Engineering processes and Governance models are all followed religiously along with Functional expertise and continuous Customer engagement to meet the desired quality requirements.

Mobile Application Development

Latest technology and the recent scenario of smart phone users clearly show that demand of mobile apps is increasing rapidly.  Mobility is a whole new way for people, systems and businesses to connect, communicate, collaborate and thus provide convenient experience for customers.  Following is our approach of Mobile Development:

  • Identify and list the business goals of the client.
  • Decide on strategy, user experience, branding and promotion.
  • Choose the technology and platforms. Decide whether to follow a native or cross-platform app development approach and for which platforms the apps need to be built.
  • Prepare scope of requirements following a formal analysis phase with client.
  • Outline the features, functionality and user interface requirements.
  • Identify solution to data integration that requires communication with external entities outside of the app.  Connection can be to existing systems, or pull in data from external feeds, access a proprietary database, process payment, etc.
  • Design and develop the application using Agile methodology to have continuous engagement with business client.
  • Perform testing to ensure flawless performance upon release.

Cloud Application Development

Developing and deploying applications on the cloud requires careful assessment and planning for security, scalability, capacity and integration with other on-premise or cloud applications.
Whether you need a web or service cloud application; accessed via mobile, desktop app or a browser; our cloud application architects and developers will help steer your cloud application development initiatives in the right direction. We can help in selecting the right type of cloud (public, private or hybrid); choice of platform (such as Azure, Amazon,, or Google App Engine); help develop new or migrate existing applications; and post-deployment help you manage your application and infrastructure. Our Cloud Application Development offerings and expertise include:

  • Assessment Consulting
  • Application Development
  • Application Migration
  • Application Integration

Our architects and developers are experienced in cloud application development on Microsoft Windows Azure, Google Apps, and Their skills and knowledge have been honed through several successful project engagements.