Biztime IT solutions is an emerging technology company, founded and established in 2003. Biztime can offer an extensive range of IT Business Solutions and services ranging from consulting, resource deployment, Process implementation, Application Customization, IT modernization and system integration. A Unique model of building customer engagement platforms that deliver business agility and improvement with remarkable user experiences. Biztime business model looks forward to offering a cutting edge value proposition for clients, customers, principals and partners aiming at consistently delivering outstanding technology and exceptional values.


To consistently create value for our stakeholders, by providing solutions which enable customers to achieve excellence and sustainable competitive.


To remain committed to excellence in providing leading IT solutions and services and to focus on helping our customers operate at best in a competitive and challenging environment.


The possibility of the organization coming across four cross roads in their venture is highly probable, the task of choosing the right path or making the appropriate decision along with creativity and logic put together brings the success to an organization.
We believe that a honest mindset and ethical practice induced into the team and followed unceasingly by the company will be the foremost and central reason behind the organization’s top standard, achievement and service.

To remember your dream is normal but to turn your dream into reality is remarkable and the word action or execution is what separates them

Striding forward with a brick in hand, each member of a great team holds the capability to build a monument.