Mobile Application Development

We understand that mobility is not just about building an app, but a whole new way for people, systems and businesses to connect, communicate and collaborate. Hence, as much as we are technology specialists, we realize that ultimately what matters are the benefits for your business and the experience of your end customer.
For this reason, our mobile development process begins by defining your business goals and your ROI model. In most cases, it will be one among these:
App store sales
In-app purchases
Drive revenue via advertising
Build deeper brand engagement with your customers
Carry out enterprise-level operations and functions
The next step would be defining your target audience. This would play a key role in making the right decisions regarding strategy, user experience, branding and promotion. We will then work with you to choose the technology and platforms. We will help you determine whether we must follow a native or cross-platform app development approach and for which platforms the apps need to be built.Once these decisions are made, the requirements will be scoped following a formal discovery and scoping phase with you. We will help you outline the features, functionalities and user interface requirements. We will also help you to benchmark your features wish list against other apps that do the same thing well.
Now, we have to identify your data integration requirements. If you need your app to tie into existing systems, pull in data from external feeds, access a proprietary database, process payment — anything that requires communication with something outside of the app itself — we will help you decide the appropriate technology approach and solution.
Finally, once the apps are designed and developed by our engineers, we will put them through a rigorous testing process to make sure that it will perform flawlessly upon release.

What we do

Mobile Architecture Design
UI Design and Integration
App Development
Mobile Testing: Emulator & On-device testing
Application launch: App store submissions, Corporate app store setup
Platforms : iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry
Layers : firmware, BSP, Kernel OS, libs & drivers, apps & app frameworks
Cross-platform frameworks : Xamarin, PhoneGap