Digital Automation of Student Admission

Admissions in colleges and universities has dramatically changed in the digital age. Innovation and learning are integrated to enhance the experience of students and faculty. Cloud, mobile and digital technologies are accelerating educational transformation in colleges and higher studies around the world. It will solve the real-world problems in education. Amid this new landscape, the activities of students, faculty, staff and parents – the people and process in elements – in the admission process are also transformed with highly differentiated and actionable roles.

Maximize Enrolments

Simplifying admission cycle from enquiry to enrolment is made possible by DMAT regardless of the admission process requirement and complexity.


To get a holistic view, redcue time, save cost and render every applicant an equal opportunity. Moreover leave no stone unturned in the case of leads generated from offline or online sources.


Welcome the tedious and draggy old admission process into the digital age and help streamline the process to ensure that no application is left unattended to, parallely cutting down the work load of counsellors by bringing in the meritorious candidates to the forefront


Improved enrolment of best-fit applications, impressive cost savings, less daunting application processes and high level of security to safeguard students’ data

Streamline the Entire Admission Process

DMAT can integrate with any modern ERP software using API and PI Modules!