ERP Consulting


The benefits of implementing ERP are not fully realized because companies lose time and effort in tackling associated challenges. Biztime seeks to change this by offering customers ‘iEnterprizer’, a customizable solution that help optimize ERP investment and reap the real benefits out of it. Following are the key features of iEnterprizer.

  • Payroll Services: iEnterprizer’s Payroll engine consists of Payroll, Taxes, Time & Attendance, Leave Management, Loans and Reimbursements and Self Service. It combines the power of Business Analytics and Workflow with the user-friendliness of the browser to deliver a world-class solution.
  • HR Services: iEnterprizer HR Services takes care of everything from Employ onboarding to employ exit. By automating routine tasks, your organization’s HR personnel are free to optimize their time and focus on strategic activities.
  • Finance Services: Entire Financial process across your organization are automated, while increasing operational efficiencies and reducing the cost.
  • Transport and Logistics: Streamline your organization’s transport maintenance and fuel and track all your logistic expenses.
  • Product Consulting: Services include ERP roll-out and change management through adequate training and support for managing data and integrating with other products.
  • Data Migration Services: You can transition smoothly from your legacy systems with minimal shut down at go-live using Basic/Advanced packages for Data Migration.
  • Product Extensions and Reports Development: Extendibility is a key feature of iEnterprizer. You can extend the standard product to cater to your changing needs with different tools.